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I started to play The Sims 3 again, but deinstalled it.

Basically, I realized that if I continued to play it, I would’nt like it enough to continue to play it, and I was only logged in it for drug for all of this time.

Anyways, I have berrified names for Sunset Valley sims, too.

Sam Sekemoto – Vinegar Mochisuke

Sandi French – Ratouille Chereque


Mortimer Goth – Fudgeberry Gravedown

Bella Bachelor – Scarlatta Teacove

Darlene Bunch – Sprigtick Roulette

Arlo Bunch – Lemoncream Roulette

Malcolm Landgraab – Llamaberry Berryaaten

Kaylinn Langerak – Brush Neatly

Miraj Alvi – Miragecurry Potpourri


Lisa Bunch – Chat Roulette

Michael Bachelor – Ginger Teacove

VJ Alvi – VJ Poutpourri

Ethan Bunch – Sky Roulette

Parker Langerak – Spork Neatly

River McIrish – River Kellysweet

Holly Alto – Oliva Toppini

Bebe Hart – Bebefruit Krazyhartz


Christopher Steel – Fishlips Springflavor

Blair Wainwright – Bunnycakes Pixleberry

Connor Frio – Ice Coolberry

Madison VanWatson – Unicornia Berryville

Cycl0n3 Sw0rd (Shinji Midden) – Cycl0n3 Sw0rd (Jump Appleramen)

Leighton Sekemoto – Oil Mochisuke

Ayesha Ansari – Turkey Brick

Monika Morris – Pollypop Juicepunch

Hank Goddard – Snazzy Muscles

Pauline Wan – Florana Sprightly

Tori Kimura – Miso Kimchi

Emma Hatch – Eggy Hatch

Morgana Wolff – Croulette Lupineberry

Justine Keaton – Jadehot Sweetfooter

Jared Frio – Fire Coolberry

Marty Keaton – Upstrong Sweetfooter

Tamara Donner – Redspice Hotspot

Thornton Wolff – Clawthorn Lupineberry

Agnes Crumplebottom – Deathwish Crumplecake

Jamie Jolina – Tarty Teacup

Xander Clavell – Moochdish Orphanberry

Zelda Mae – Zelda Legend

Stiles McGraw – Windblow McPlain


Beau Andrews – Jockland Blueberry

Iliana Langerak – Hibiscus Neatly

Victoria Andrews – Drapelife Blueberry

Dustin Langerak – Plop Neatly

Dorie Hart – Sillyfilly Krazyhartz

Geoffrey Landgraab – Limepill Berryaaten

Gobias Koffi – Funky Coffeegaze

Nancy Landgraab – Crepétta Berryaaten

Claire Ursine – Salmonella Ursine

Nick Alto – Potere Toppini

Vita Alto – Liqueur Toppini

Jocasta Bachelor – Fishdisa Teacove

Molly French – Matisse Chereque

Gus Hart – Surfybeard Krazyhartz

Simis Bachelor – Simsberry Teacove

Fiona McIrish – Pumpkin Kellysweet

Judy Bunch – Orangeena Roulette

Susan Wainwright – Applematron Pixleberry

Boyd Wainwright – Palefizz Pixleberry

Erin Kennedy – Militant Scramble

Jack Bunch – Scramblesprout Roulette

Cornelia Goth – Powderella Gravedown

Iqbal Alvi – Kale Poutpourri

Gunther Goth – Zero Gravedown


Yumi Sekemoto – Purin Mochisuke

Bessie Clavell – Farley Orphanberry

Buster Clavell – Buster Orphanberry


Maybe they’re more “names if the writers of the game’s plot did’nt took a realistic spin to sim names” than strictly berrified ones, but.