Wainwrights Shenanigans


Boyd and Susan adopted a son named BJ, because Boyd wanted a third kid and Susan did not. When he was sort-of midway into child, he was sold\fosteres (for 1000 simoleons) by Gus and Dorie – the parents of Bebe Hart (who was renting Blair’s old room for a while, when BJ was a kid and Skyler a toddler) – So, here’s BJ as a teenager, slow dancing with Jamie Jolina.

Skyler as child ndkansdkansdajsndka

This is Skyler as a child right after choosing her outfit. Yes I’m uploading the images on IMGUR now.

Skyler as child ndkansdkansdajsndka

Here, Boinky is turning into a semi-imaginary doll-friend. Also, Boinky is apparently a girl. (Though she’s a bit girlier than Skyler. Clumsy\Loser\Ambitious and loves Pink\Pop\somefood while Sky loves Black\Rockabilly\Grilled Cheese and is Genius\Loner\Evil)

Skyler as child ndkansdkansdajsndka

Maybe you cannot see it very well, but I gave Skyler some dark eyeliner, as well as a 50’s-ish gothy-ish dress sense. Though she’s also a bit modern (she’s a Wainwright) and rebellious, her clothing\hair\makeup troughtout the lifestages will be anachronistically vintage (yet slightly zeerusty) in a 1950’s-ish way. Okay, her parents and sister’s styles of clothing are also as such, but moreso for the 80’s or 90’s. When she’s a teen and\or YA, perhaps I’ll know more of the style directions to give her.


The Wainwrights of Sunset Valley (Take 2 Part 0???)

The first time I played these guys, I’ve deaged them and blocked their age with Youth Potions, but now I’ve decided to keep them old and make them die of old age. So yeah.

This is Susan Wainwright, as we know (and sometimes love) her.

Susan Wainwright (neé Bronte)

Boyd Wainwright.

Boyd Wainwright.

Yeah I mean these guys.


Susan & Boyd: *messagging Gobias Koffi*

Kaiko: What are you up to?

S&B: Uh, a Watcher? Who are you?

Kaiko: My name is Kaiko Espurr Mikkusu.

S&B: This name seems familiar… Have we known you before?

Kaiko: Yes but in a long-gone past life. So onwards.



As here you can see, Boyd is starting a garden.


And Susan was repairing objects.


And also trying to gain logic.


And Boyd was fishing in Pondilicious i mean Pondcentric


I also bought a science machine.


Here they’re in the bathroom and Boyd’s thinking about fish. I have a lot of screenshots that are just there to be derpy.


And photos of them sleeping together (who said they were a loveless couple?)



Or just them in their underwear. Underwear is good too. XP


Boyd went to the beach to fish. I don’t think he got a goldfish but he got a lot of other stuff.


Boyd also took to gaming in Blair’s supposed ex-bedroom.



They ordered a pizza.


They even bought an hot tub once, but then I sold it and they will have the hottub again the next sim-summer!


They had a summer party in which they invited Gunther Goth (among other people)


Oh, and Boyd got a tan during that.


It was also the day of full moon, too.


Susan somehow seems like she got paler?


And Boyd kept the tan. You’d think he’d freckle at least, if not sunburn, but tan like that ūüėē But sim biology is odd like this.

(I’ve always imagined Boyd should be paler than he is in the game. Same for Morgana Wolff and the Goth Trio and various other sims with the lightest skin.)


Boyd tried to chat up his daughter and fulfill some wishes, too.


A pillow-fight may have been one of those wishes.

And basically, I have a SHITLOAD TOO MANY other pics, so long story short: as of now that I’ve saved the game, Susan and Boyd are elders in a trip to France, they have a 2nd daughter named Skyler, who has an imaginary friend named Boinky, and Bebe Hart is currently living to them as a paying roommate (and babysitter to Skyler). IIRC the Wainwrights met her when she crashed their feast party.



NOW I’ll post WAY LESS PICS i PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or at least learn to…)


I want to play a Roundlet-acy… (what is a Roundletacy?)

Well, once i get the Generations and Supernatural EP packs, and i can download back my NRAAS mods, i’m gonna play the SV premades. In alphabetical order by surname\household name. With long lifespan except for 1 days of baby and 4 of toddler. Each sim-week will be dedicated to a specific premade household, actually. The first one will be the Altos, then the Alvis, Andrews, et al. You know, the usual stuff? Also i’m changing surnames of sims who divorce or their husbands die. (As in, i’m changing them back to their maiden name or supposed maiden name. I’m doing that in cause the premade sim chicks want to go lesbian on me and the older of them started out married.)¬†But i think i’m gonna put the settings so men can also take the wife’s name or could hyphenate. Cycl0n3 and Blair (my OTP!) were the Sw0rd-Wainwright’s once. I’m also using MC to edit sims born with badly-dyed or greying hair. No other mods and cheats: just default replacement skintone\eyes, pregnancy morphs for guys and teens, and a few NRAAS mods. And, uh, i’m going to screencap family trees and notifications with FRAPS. Also, i’m dropping my simself (Kaiko Espurr Mikkusu) on there. Maybe also the bin sims or a few others, but propably not. Okay?

And yeah, even though it’s technically not a legacy, and i’m an huge fan of weird-ass\intergenerational¬†relationships and other stuff like that, i’m gonna note “generations” the sims belong to. All the graveyard ghosts with no technical family relationships, they will be G0. Also, i’m gonna give some graveyard ghosts family relations to living sims. Namely, Annabelle Oinkslopes is Sam Sekemoto’s mother, and Opal Suarley is Victoria Andrews’ sister. Because WHY NOT. Oh yeah.

BTW, if the parents come from two different gens, the kid will be one generation AFTER the “younger” parent, this way i do not have a parent being in the same gen as their child.

G-1: Ransom Clavell, Jennie Clavell, Kermit Landgraab, Kitty Landgraab

G0: Milton Bachelor, Enriqueta Bachelor, Buster Clavell, Bessie Clavell, Victor Goth, Gretle Goth, Simon Crumplebottom, Prudence Crumplebottom, Chester Landgraab, Queenie Landgraab, Yumi Sekemoto

G1: Nick Alto, Vita Alto, Iqbal Alvi, Beau Andrews, Victoria Andrews, Opal Suarley, Simis Bachelor, Jocasta Bachelor, Judy Bunch, Jack Bunch, Xander Clavell, Agnes Crumplebottom, Erik Darling, Cornelia Goth, Gunther Goth, Lolita Goth, Gus Hart, Dorie Hart, Jamie Jolina, Erin Kennedy, Gobias Koffi, Nancy Landgraab, Geoffrey Landgraab, Iliana Langerak, Dustin Langerak, Zelda Mae, Stiles McGraw, Tamara Donner, Boyd Wainwright, Susan Wainwright, Leighton Sekemoto, Anabelle Oinkslopes, Fiona McIrish, Molly French, Claire Ursine, Thornton Wolff, Morgana Wolff, 

G2: Holly Alto, VJ Alvi, Miraj Alvi, Michael Bachelor, Bella Bachelor, Ethan Bunch, Lisa Bunch, Arlo Bunch, Darlene Bunch, Mortimer Goth, Jared Frio, Connor Frio, Bebe Hart, Marty Keaton, Justine Keaton, Malcolm Landgraab, Parker Langerak, Kaylinn Langerak, Emma Hatch, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, Blair Wainwright, Sam Sekemoto, River McIrish, Sandi French, Christopher Steel, Pauline Wan, Hank Goddard, Tori Kimura, Monika Morris, Madison VanWatson, Ayesha Ansari

G3: Unborn Son Keaton, Unborn Daughter Ursine, 

Yup, this seems about right. Of course i will have Supernatural installed, could use youth potions and kind of the likes, and i could have teens in romance with elders if i truly wanted to…¬†


Pokèmasters RELOADED!

Screenshot-332¬†Hi! We’re the Pok√®masters, missed us? I did not feel like continuing the legacy before, but now i got my mojo back! So let’s start. It’s Arceus, Reshiram, Togekiss, Pellipper, Darmanitan, Yveltal, and Latias- all YA’s except Darmey who is Teen and the Red Cousins who are kids. Darmey and Latias are full siblings now, because you cannot make full siblings in CAS. So yeah, there are now two Togekiss\Erin’s, two Pellipper\Geoffrey’s, and two Darmanitan\Malcolm’s.Screenshot-333¬†Latias: What is this sentation i’m tingling?

Screenshot-334¬†Yes, Latias is growing up, ready, set go! Daddy and… aunt-in-law? are cheering upon her.Screenshot-335 Screenshot-336¬†This is Teen!Latias. She looks a lot like the female version of Pellipper. She might not be what you’d call a beauty, but still…Screenshot-337¬†Yveltal also grows up.Screenshot-338¬†Cheered by her older cousin.Screenshot-339¬†Yveltal: YAY!Screenshot-340¬†Sparkles!Screenshot-341 Screenshot-342¬†Teen!Yveltal! You’d never guess THAT was the daughter of a makeovered Erin Kennedy, right? She’s basically Reshiram but with Erin’s chin and eyecolor. Considering that Reshiram is the twin sister of Yveltal’s dad…Screenshot-343¬†Latias: YAY! We’re both teens now!Screenshot-344¬†Latias: Whu?Screenshot-345¬†And yes. Latias Pok√®masters, daughter of Reshiram Pok√®masters and Pellipper\Geoffrey Knack, and halfsister of Darmanitan\Malcolm Landgraab, is now a full-blown YOUNG ADULT!Screenshot-346¬†She’s cute, and in her own way. Darmey looks like he’s saying “Yay that’s my sis! But now she is my older sister while before she was my younger?” But i’m not that much of a realist, you see.Screenshot-347¬†Yes, Yveltal is aging up too. Darmey would be Yveltal’s stepcousin. But now he’s just cousin. (Why cannot you make halfsiblings in CAS?)Screenshot-348¬†Yvey ages up in a weird mohawk. And athletic-y clothes. And yes, that’s Skip Javeed there. He’s a cutie. If you wanted to know what happens to the service NPCs when they age up, they just become regular homeless townies. They still have their hidden traits for being ex-NPC’s. I want to befriend him and Cora in another savefile so they can move in my household once they turn YA. You would need a mod to make them move in as teens.Screenshot-349¬†Yveltal is cheered by her cousin and parents…Screenshot-350¬†Along with the rest of her family.Screenshot-351¬†And she becomes…Screenshot-352¬†this wonderful lady! Darmy: So THIS is my stepcousin? Yvy: Just cousin there.Screenshot-353¬†Even Togekiss is excited she does not have to live here anymore. And that she can have a BEAUTIFUL daughter.Screenshot-354¬†But there’s a need of makeovers…Screenshot-355¬†Latias comes first.Screenshot-356¬†And then Yveltal.Screenshot-357¬†Post-Makeover Yveltal.¬†Screenshot-358¬†Post-Makeover Latias.Screenshot-359¬†Togekiss: So Pellipper, now we go, right? Time to make time for Orange gen. I’ve got a contact that should marry my daughter. Pellipper: What contact?Screenshot-360¬†Togekiss: Let’s just say he starts as an Young Adult, works in the Criminal Career, he starts up as an only child living with his parents, and his paternal grandparents both died in the same lifestage and in the same way. Pellipper: Wha, you mean Xander Clavell? must be.Screenshot-361¬†Arceus: My daughter… marrying Xander… okay. Let’s go to faraway lands now!Screenshot-362¬†Bye-bye White gen!Screenshot-363¬†Hi Darmey!Screenshot-364¬†He looks the same as previous Darmey but thinner. Uh, and now you realize he’s not familiarly connected to Nancy anymore. But whatever. He’s still a cutie. Even though i think (out of the SVite guys that starts out as kids) that Morty ages better.Screenshot-365¬†Latias: So, this is my brother but originally was my half-brother and is actually suppose to be a Landgraab but now it is not anymore and now he’s my full brother? Yveltal: Technically he was never a Landgraab to begin with. He was made standalone in CAS, not by mixing the genetics of his parents. But whatever.¬†Screenshot-366¬†Latias: Stop breaking the fourth wall, gal!Screenshot-367¬†Yveltal: I do what i like!Screenshot-368¬†Yveltal: The house is arriving soon!Screenshot-369¬†The red house.Screenshot-370¬†Bedroom. Darmanitan’s, Latias’, and Yveltal’s.Screenshot-371¬†Red gen kids.Screenshot-372¬†SV is still here but that’s technically a diff. SV. Yes, this means that there are two Erin\Togekiss, two Geoffrey\Pellipper, and two Malcolm\Darmanitan. But whatever.¬†Screenshot-373 Screenshot-374¬†Latias becomes a professional investigator.¬†Screenshot-375 Screenshot-376 Screenshot-377 Screenshot-378 Screenshot-379¬†Professional investigator costume. Apparently, Nancy “Use to be Darmey’s biological mother” Landgraab has been hacking into library files or somesuch. At least according to Iqbal “I’m Miraj and VJ’s father and not only you wanted my firstborn son to marry into the Red gen but my secondborn son was dating that Lisa Bunch girl who was apparently Arceus’ second choice of spouse” Alvi. (Spoiler: She did hack into the library files. But Landgraabs can afford that.)Screenshot-380 Screenshot-381 Screenshot-382 Screenshot-383 Screenshot-384 Screenshot-385 Screenshot-386 Screenshot-387 Screenshot-388¬†In the meanwhile i send Yveltal up to Victor’s Abode to chat Xander up.Screenshot-389¬†Screenshot-390 Screenshot-391 Screenshot-392 Screenshot-393 Screenshot-394 Screenshot-395 Screenshot-396 Screenshot-397¬†Yveltal and Xander. Soon to be “Pansear Pok√®masters” because why not?Screenshot-398 Screenshot-399 Screenshot-400 Screenshot-401 Screenshot-402 Screenshot-403 Screenshot-404 Screenshot-405 Screenshot-406 Screenshot-407 Screenshot-408 Screenshot-409 Screenshot-410 Screenshot-411 Screenshot-412 Screenshot-413 Screenshot-414 Screenshot-415 Screenshot-416 Screenshot-417 Screenshot-418 Screenshot-419 Screenshot-420 Screenshot-421 Screenshot-422 Screenshot-423 Screenshot-424 Screenshot-425 Screenshot-426 Screenshot-427 Screenshot-428 Screenshot-429 Screenshot-430 Screenshot-431 Screenshot-432 Screenshot-433 Screenshot-434 Screenshot-435 Screenshot-436 Screenshot-437 Screenshot-438¬†This is Yveltal going to sleep. She looks NOTHING like Togey\Erin in this shot.Screenshot-439We end this with a picture of a light-blond woman in orange argyle chlothes kissing a redhead man in blue clothes who are apparently somewhat made of metal, in front of the fountain of the science lab? This is actually Blair Wainwright (supposedly in Susan’s prom clothes) and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd (in Boyd’s prom clothes). These clothes (and presumably orange\green in general) suit Blair’s appearance pretty well. (In pink she’s cute, but in orange she’s hot. I’m going to give Pok√®masterverse Blair a makeover too. Prolly when i marry Boyd in.)


Pokèmasters RECAP 1

Well, of course, while the Pok√®masters were starting their legacy, a lot of other things happened. Babies were born, people ended up together, et al. So, what happened to everyone’s favorite Premades?


Landgraab - Nancy & Salvatore

Nancy Landgraab, first wife of Pellipper and mother of Darmanitan, but also vice-president of Doo Peas Corporate Towers, and currently is a money-less single mom, living with her SP-cloned son, Salvatore, who has the Neurotic and Couch Potato traits. She has not found a new love yet. She is 51-years-old in human terms, or “9 simdays until elder”. Salvatore will turn in a toddler in 2 days.



Vice-President Nick Alto is the same age as Nancy. He happens to be married to Local Representative: Vita Alto, who is the same age as both Nick and Nancy. Their daughter, Holly, will turn into a middle-aged lady in 18 SimDays. She wants to become a super-spy. She also rolled Charismatic upon aging up. She is still an only-child. She is not dating anyone or in love with anyone, but she is still good friend with Bebe Hart, who also rolled Charismatic. And yes, that is Jared Frio, in his diner outfit like ever. Holly also has a career as a city council member.



Stiles McGraw is still friendless, but he has 20 days to elder. He’s still a music talent scout and barely knows anyone. He was sent on raccomendation so it’s not actually that bad, yeah? Tamara Donner is now a City Council member, but no love interests for her yet. But she’s friends with Cycl0n3, Blair, and Xander. She has 2 days to Adult. Emma Hatch got thin, she will be Adult in 10 SimDays. She has no friends except for Cycl0n3 and Ayesha. She works as an Ingredient Taster. Cycl0n3 Sw0rd has 12 SimDays until his Adult birthday. He is still a journalistic spell-checker. Or “Automated Spell Checker Checker” as it’s said in the game. He dislikes both Sunny Bakshi and Ellis Reaves, the latter of whom is apparently in high school. But he has three friends, Emma Hatch, Blair Wainwright, and Tamara Donner. River McIrish has a good relationship with Cycl0n3 too, they’re almost friends but not quite. Blair Wainwright will be an Adult in 14 days. She has no siblings. Yet. She is friends with both her parents, plus Cycl0n3 and Tamara. Blair also has good relationships (but not quite yet) with Dorothy DeMayo and Alysia Ursine – AKA the daughter of Claire and the aforementioned Jared Frio. Alysia is a toddler.



Tori Kimura will be an Adult in 10 days. She is a ballot counter, and she does not have romantic interests to anyone, but she is friends with Monika and Madison. Monika Morris works at a Snack Hawker, she is friends with Madison, Tori, Jamie, and Molly French. But does not have romances yet. Ayesha is best friends with Emma and almost friends with Sandi. Her relationship with Molly is also quite a bit in the green. She works as a decoy. Madison is still unemployed, she is friends with Monika, Molly, Jamie, Tori, and Jared, but she has not found love yet.



No divorces or children yet for the Lone Wolff Pack, Morgana works as a resident while Thornton is a corporate drone. Thornton has 2 days until Adult, while Morgana has 7 days until Adult. (I’m listing only friendships and disliked who do not exist when you first boot up the game) Thornton seems to dislike Sunny but is almost friends with Bella, who is apparently still a child.



Gobias is 10 days until Elder. He works as a Fertilizer Analyst and is almost friends with Mortimer Goth, Lisa Bunch, and Erin Kennedy.



Jared has 4 days until¬†Adult. He is almost friends with Gage and dislikes Thornton. He works as a Line Cook at the Diner and always wears the uniform. His brother, Connor, has 14 days until Adult. He works as an “Automatic Spell Checker Checker” and is almost friends with Dave Ramsey while disliking Erin and VJ Alvi. He does not know about his niece (Alysia) yet.



Claire is 9 days until Elder and has slimmed down a bit. She is friends with Alysia (her daughter from Jared Frio, see above) and almost friends with Jamie. Claire is a getaway driver. Her daughter Alysia has the Athletic and Friendly traits, she will become a Child in four days. She only knows her parents and Blair Wainwright, who she is almost friends with. Claire is still good friends with River, but does not know any of her traits.



Hank and Pauline are still Fianceés. Pauline will be an Adult in 10 days. She works as a Roadie. Hank is only one SimDay younger than Pauline, works as a Traffic Cop, and is almost friends with Bella.



Agnes works at a Podium Polisher, and is 20 days until Elder. She is still connected to Erik on the family tree, cuz she has not found love yet.



Fiona is 4 days til Elder. She dislikes Gunther Goth. She is currently dating Gage Briody. She works as an Investigative Reporter. Molly is 8 days til Elder. She is not dating anyone yet but she’s almost friends with Parker Langerak and Ayesha. She is the lone Pastry Chef at the Bistr√≤.¬†Oh wait she works at the Diner. So do Jared and Emma. Okay. River wants a big family, rolled Computer Whiz, will become Adult in 19 days, and is almost friends with Cycl0n3 and Darlene. She works as a Beverage Consultant. Sandi French rolled Inappropriate, is 2 days til Teen, dislikes some “Ricky Reaves” kid, and is almost friends with Ayesha.



Dorothy and Narcissa Vatos live in the same house even though they do not know each other. And do not appear in each other’s relationship panel. Dorothy has 14 days til Elder but Narcissa has 14 days til Adult. Dorothy is almost friends with Blair Wainwright, and Narcissa is almost friends with a teen named Trever Workman. These two girls actually start out homeless. I do not think Narcissa is pregnant but she had pregnancy-looking clothes.



Justine is 5 days til Adult, she works at a Lieutenant. She is friends with her son (Sterling) and dislikes Arlo Bunch. Marty Keaton is 3 days til Adult, works at a Minor Leaguer and has no new friends, but still has a good relationship with Justine. Sterling Keaton has the Good and Couch Potato traits. He only knows his parents and Victoria Andrews, and is friends with his mom Justine. Sterling will be a Child in two days.



Composed of the eponymous Jamie, plus three hot studs\male roommates. Jamie Jolina – who is 20 days til elder – only knows Gage out of the three roommates, and has not found love yet. She works as a trauma surgeon. Artie Page is a Carnivorous Plant Tender who is 14 days til Elder and has not found love yet, but is almost friends with Sam Sekemoto. He does not know his roommates except for Gage. Gage Briody is 14 days til Adult, currently unemployed but wants to be a scientist, knows Artie and Jamie but not Dave, is dating Fiona McIrish, and is almost friends with Jared Frio and some guy named “Duncan Workman”. Dave Ramsey is 14 days til Adult, does not know his roommates but is almost friends with Connor Frio, and works at a Latrine Cleaner.



Susan and Boyd Wainwright are 4 days til Elder. If the surname seems familiar, they’re Blair’s parents. Both of them are scientists! Susan is a Carnivorous Plant Tender while Boyd is a Fertilizer Analyst. Susan dislikes Bebe Hart and is almost friends with Dustin Langerak.



Iliana Langerak is 12 days til Elder. She works as a Department Head. Dustin is the same age as Iliana and slightly dislikes Beau Andrews. Dustin is also a Department Head. Zelda becomes Elder in 20 days, and has not found love yet. She works at a Music Groupie\Fan. Parker is 20 days til Adult, he rolled Green Thumb. He is not dating anyone but he is a Line Cook at the Diner. He wants to master the Charisma and Guitar skills. Kaylinn Langerak will be YA in 10 days, she rolled Charismatic. She has not found love yet.



Judy Bunch is 4 days til elder, her husband Jack is the same age. She is an Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker. She dislikes Iqbal and is almost friends with Victoria. Jack is a squadron leader and does not have any new friends or almost-friends… Well, he’s good friends with Arceus Pok√®masters, one of the two founders of the Pok√®master legacy. But he does not count, because these are for the other households in SV. Ethan Bunch will be an YA in four days. He has not found love yet. Lisa Bunch is YA in seven days. She has not found love yet but is still good friends with VJ and almost friends with Gobias. Arlo is a teen, rolled Computer Whiz, and will be an YA in eleven days, he’s a Cash Register Specialist. Darlene will be a teen in less than one day! She is almost friends with River. (Also, this means that the Bunch Family will have 4 teens at the same time.)



Gunther is 74 Simdays old. He dislikes Fiona and is almost friends with Nancy and Yumi. Cornelia will be an elder in less than one day, and works as a Coffee Courier. Mortimer will be a Teen in less than one SimDay, and is still Best Friends with Bella.



14 days til Adult, working in the Sports career. Has not found love yet. But is somewhat in good relations to Beau Andrews.



Both Beau and Victoria are 12 days til Elder. Beau is a Flight Officer and Victoria is a Freelance Writer. Victoria dislikes Xander and Beau slightly dislikes both Dustin and Cycl0n3. And check it out! Joan Andrews is Beau AND Victoria’s daughter! YES! A daughter of original townies that does not only have one parent like Salvatore, and is not from an original unborn pregnancy like Alysia Ursine and Sterling Keaton! Joan Andrews only knows her parents and Gus Hart, and is friends with her mom. Joan is 5 days until Child and has the Good and Light Sleeper traits!



Gus Hart is 6 days until elder, while his wife Dorie is 11 days until elder. Dorie is almost friends with that “Trevor Workman” dude. Gus is a produce-quality assessor and Dorie is a book genre sorter. Bebe is not dating anyone, but dislikes Susan, and wants to be Super Popular. She works as a Rookie in the Professional Sports Career, and is 17 days until Adult. The baby she’s holding? That’s not an One-Parent-Spawn like Salvatore is! Sonny Hart is the son of Dorie AND Gus Hart. He seems to have the same skin color as Bebe. Sonny was born with the Artistic and Friendly traits. Will he even be insane? Only time will tell. Sonny only knows his parents and older sister, and is friends with his mom. He will become a toddler in less than one day.



Yumi is an organ donor and not dating anyone at the moment. She’s currently 83 simdays old. Leighton still coaches toddlers for a living, and is 12 days til adult. Sam rolled Technophobe, and is 6 days til kid stage.



Buster is now a latrine cleaner, and is 88 days old. Bessie is 86- she dislikes Bella, and befriended Justine. Xander the heartbreaker who has 20 days until he becomes an elder, is a Cutpurse and has not found love yet, but he dislikes Victoria and is almost friends with Miraj Alvi and Erin Kennedy.



Simis is 4 days until Elder, and is an Anonymous Source Handler. Jocasta is a Book Club Moderator and 9 days til Elder.  Michael is 6 days until YA, and Bella will be a teen in less than 1 day. She is also almost friends with Thornton Wolff and Hank Goddard. And dislikes Bessie.



Erin is now 4 days until Elder. She is a flight officer and has not found love yet. But she is friends with Arcey and that’s a thing. (She might become his wife if he’s just fast enough)



Iqbal is now 73 sim-days old and works as a Department Head. He dislikes Judy. VJ is a produce quality assessor and dislikes Connor. He’s 6 days to YA¬†and has not found love yet. Miraj is 9 days to YA – he rolled Easily Impressed. And has not found love yet. Or any new friends. Yes, Fiona\Gage is pratically the only new couple in town. Unless…



Yes, it’s my Simself. She’s now 12 days to Adult. She works as a Kitchen Scullion in the Diner and has never found love and\or friends. No kids either, but she knows a few people.

(Yup, maybe i need more “frolicky” premades. Only 2 new babies born excluding the ones from premade pregnancies and the baby who is a clone and does not have a dad. Or maybe i’m just too habituated to have NRAAS SP mods. If i even put in images i will put them later.)



Hi! Welcome to the Pok√®masters Legacy, where i’m trying to force a Game Freak game\universe into EA Games’ TS3. No real plot, really. This story begins with two twins – a boy named Arceus, and his sister Reshiram. I dunno yet how to put images in a chronological way.

Screenshot-575¬†This is Reshiram’s husband Pelliper, going into their room.

Reshiram was just going to sleep apparently.Screenshot-576

The house with Arceus walking around. The red room is for stepson Darmanitan.Screenshot-577¬†Arceus walking around, he needs the threadmill because he’s in the military but not very athletic.Screenshot-578¬†Arceus walks past sleeping Pelliper.Screenshot-579¬†This is Arceus with his pregnant twin, Reshiram. It will be the first for Reshi but the second for Pellipper.Screenshot-580¬†Arceus walking to the bedroom, Reshiram is gonna sleep with Pellipper.Screenshot-581 Screenshot-582¬†Arceus is sleeping now. The red room was for Darmanitan who is Pelliper’s son but not Reshi’s.Screenshot-583¬†Yes, Arceus sleeps in the same room as his sister and brother in law.Screenshot-584 Screenshot-585¬†This is Darmanitan he’s also sleeping. He’s Reshiram’s stepson, if you have not understood yet.Screenshot-586¬†Darmy is a cutie, though.¬†Screenshot-587¬†Red, yup, our Darmanitan is part of the red generation. Tecnically…Screenshot-588¬†Darmanitan’s fave food might be cobbler, but juice is good too, i guess. (my legacy sims pratically only eat snacks and sometimes autumn salad\mac n’ cheese)Screenshot-589 Screenshot-590¬†While Arceus sleeps.Screenshot-591¬†And Darmanitan… thinks about his shower.¬†Screenshot-593¬†Darmanitan showeringScreenshot-594¬†And reading a book, he has a bookworm trait.¬†Screenshot-595¬†If you think “Darmanitan” looks very familiar, he’s actually Malcolm Landgraab!Screenshot-596¬†The houseScreenshot-597¬†Arcy is still sleepingScreenshot-598 Screenshot-50¬†This is how Arcy and Reshi looked when i first put them in the lot, they basically had nothingScreenshot-51 Screenshot-52¬†Just some furniture i guessScreenshot-53¬†Arceus closeupScreenshot-54¬†Reshi closeupScreenshot-56¬†Arceus standing without doing nothingScreenshot-60¬†One of the twins is on the cab but its too small to seeScreenshot-61¬†This is Arceus he went to the military while Reshi is in the medicine careerScreenshot-62 Screenshot-63 Screenshot-64¬†Reshiram talking to Ethan Bunch and mooching off him.Screenshot-66 Screenshot-67¬†The Bunch family, at least excluding Jack and Ethan but that’s a start.Screenshot-68 Screenshot-69 Screenshot-70¬†Susan Wainwright, Arcy tried to steal her from Boyd, but she is a computer whiz and he is a technophobe so…Screenshot-71 Screenshot-72 Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-75 Screenshot-76 Screenshot-77¬†Arcy trying to flirt on Susiekins. (Or just Susan. ¬†But the Wainwrights are still one of my fave families, and i want them to get married into the Pok√®masters someday.)Screenshot-78 Screenshot-80 Screenshot-81¬†Well, there’s Lisa. Okay? But since Arcy is an YA and she is a teen, they cannot be together… yet. Arcy might have more chemistry with Erin Kennedy. Lisa and Arcy are both inappropriate, but Erin is technophobe like Arcy is. ¬†Screenshot-82 Screenshot-83¬†They start chatting. Yay!¬†Screenshot-85 Screenshot-86 Screenshot-87¬†Arcy making a silly faceScreenshot-88 Screenshot-89 Screenshot-90 Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92 Screenshot-93 Screenshot-95¬†Reshi painting while Arcy reads some book.Screenshot-96 Screenshot-97 Screenshot-98 Screenshot-99 Screenshot-100 Screenshot-101 Screenshot-102 Screenshot-103¬†Pregnant Justine Keaton is pregnant. The son she and Marty get,¬†has a different name in each game, but always has the same appearance. He would be great to marry in to an eventual Pok√®master daughter.¬†Screenshot-104¬†Hank, Buster, and Tamara are all here. Arcy is going to hunt for friends for his LTW. Some of them might even become spouses or parents of spouses.Screenshot-105¬†Christopher Steel. He was apparently made as a “perfect legacy spouse”, but i much prefer having the 5 Roomies or Boyd\Susan as legacy spouses.Screenshot-106¬†Oh, here are some of the roomies. And Erin Kennedy, who could very well become Arcy’s spouse if they have got enough chemistry. I have a slight idea of changing Arcy’s wife to named “Togekiss A1 Pok√®masters”.Screenshot-107 Screenshot-108¬†Cycl0ne brought the hamburgers but Stiles “i’m a friendless musician sent on raccomandation and who everyone thinks i’m too plain please help me” McGraw. But even through he starts out as friendless\hopeless, the sim i made to learn more about playing TS3 (Tess Holloway her name was) seemed to have become bestest friends with him and possibly have a slight crush on him (and on Gunther Goth). But the only person she actually got a wish to flirt with, was Geoffrey Landgraab, who just happened to have become Pelliper in this ‘verse.Screenshot-109 Screenshot-110¬†Arcy meets Erin – the future “Togekiss” maybe?Screenshot-111 Screenshot-112¬†A quick shot of Erin\”possible-future-togekiss” peeing. Yup. But Arcy would have to get her preggo in like, 11 days or something?Screenshot-113 Screenshot-114 Screenshot-115 Screenshot-117 Screenshot-118 Screenshot-119 Screenshot-120 Screenshot-121¬†Reshi went to the Landgraab estate and peed on Nancy’s porch… Take that, Fancy Nancy!Screenshot-122 Screenshot-123¬†I think here she is calling her boss (Morgana Wolff) that is why there’s the stetoscope icon.¬†Screenshot-124 Screenshot-125 Screenshot-126¬†Reshi goes at Geoffrey\Pelliper’s house.Screenshot-127 Screenshot-128¬†It’s a really big houseScreenshot-129 Screenshot-130¬†And it has a really confy couch!Screenshot-132 Screenshot-133 Screenshot-134 Screenshot-135 Screenshot-136 Screenshot-137 Screenshot-138 Screenshot-139¬†Here she is trying to get flirtier and even more flirty with him.Screenshot-140 Screenshot-141 Screenshot-142 Screenshot-143 Screenshot-144 Screenshot-145 Screenshot-146¬†She’s also hungry, very hungry.Screenshot-147 Screenshot-148 Screenshot-149 Screenshot-150 Screenshot-151 Screenshot-152 Screenshot-153 Screenshot-154 Screenshot-155 Screenshot-156 Screenshot-157 Screenshot-158 Screenshot-159 Screenshot-160 Screenshot-161 Screenshot-162 Screenshot-164¬†A wall of Landgraab Estate. Just because.Screenshot-166 Screenshot-167 Screenshot-168 Screenshot-169¬†Twins sleeping.Screenshot-170 Screenshot-171 Screenshot-172 Screenshot-174 Screenshot-175¬†Arcy drinking juice.Screenshot-176¬†And going to work he is a military man. Both him and Erin are in that career!Screenshot-177 Screenshot-178 Screenshot-179 Screenshot-180 Screenshot-181¬†Arcy wakes up.¬†Screenshot-182 Screenshot-183 Screenshot-184¬†She is reading some book she needs for a promotion she is a workaholic.Screenshot-185 Screenshot-190 Screenshot-192¬†The bunch home. Home both to Jack who is boss of Arcy, and to Lisa who here is talking to her best friend\possible love interest VJ Alvi.¬†Screenshot-193¬†Lisa is not that much older than Malcolm\Darmanitan, so i guess Erin is a better – spouse choice. Even though she’s almost elder. But if Parker Langerak can get her pregnant (in an old savefile where i tried to play a premade household for simweek starting with the Roomies, but i failed because everyone’s agebar reset and now Lisa was older¬†than Chris Steel. Lisa Bunch should not be older¬†than Christopher Steel, this is so wrong in many ways. P.S. The Parker\Erin thing was Week 2 and the ages were not reset yet. I think Holly\River was Week 3 and Lisa\Chris was Week 4.), so can Arceus (A1) Pok√®masters!Screenshot-194 Screenshot-195 Screenshot-196 Screenshot-197¬†Arcy and Lisa… standing near a mailbox… not kissing yet because she will be a teen for the next 2 weeks…Screenshot-198 Screenshot-199 Screenshot-201 Screenshot-202¬†Reshi calling Geoff\Pelliper up.Screenshot-203 Screenshot-204 Screenshot-205¬†Geoffrey comes. Or Pelliper comes, but he’s not Pelliper yet there.Screenshot-206¬†They live in an huge plot of land… it will soon be stuffed up with a lot of EP clutters.Screenshot-207 Screenshot-208 Screenshot-209 Screenshot-210 Screenshot-211 Screenshot-212 Screenshot-214 Screenshot-215 Screenshot-216¬†Flirting and hugging a lot.Screenshot-217 Screenshot-218 Screenshot-219¬†First kiss.Screenshot-220¬†Jack and Arcy are best friends.Screenshot-222 Screenshot-223 Screenshot-227¬†Reshi becomes Pellipper\Geoffrey’s girlfriend.Screenshot-228 Screenshot-229 Screenshot-230 Screenshot-231 Screenshot-234¬†Sleeping together again.Screenshot-235 Screenshot-236 Screenshot-237 Screenshot-238¬†Bookcase.Screenshot-239 Screenshot-241 Screenshot-243 Screenshot-244 Screenshot-245¬†Reshi wakes up.Screenshot-246¬†She plays chess and drinks juice.Screenshot-247 Screenshot-249¬†Military base where Arcy works.Screenshot-251¬†And dis is where Reshi works if u have not understood it yet.Screenshot-252 Screenshot-253 Screenshot-254 Screenshot-255¬†Arcy reading some book that might be useful for his job.Screenshot-256 Screenshot-257 Screenshot-259 Screenshot-260¬†Showering.Screenshot-261 Screenshot-263¬†Drinking juice. Basically your initial legacy routine.Screenshot-264 Screenshot-265¬†I think she’s calling Geoffrey up like always, unless it’s Morgana or an opportunity.Screenshot-266 Screenshot-267 Screenshot-268 Screenshot-269 Screenshot-271¬†And Jack is always the one to call Arcy down.Screenshot-273 Screenshot-274 Screenshot-275 Screenshot-277 Screenshot-278 Screenshot-279 Screenshot-280 Screenshot-281 Screenshot-283¬†Skilling up with books and then going to bed. While Arcy eats.Screenshot-284 Screenshot-285 Screenshot-286 Screenshot-287 Screenshot-288 Screenshot-289 Screenshot-290 Screenshot-291 Screenshot-294 Screenshot-295 Screenshot-298 Screenshot-299¬†Gage Briody and later Artie Page stand in the hallway to the hospital.Screenshot-301 Screenshot-303 Screenshot-304 Screenshot-305 Screenshot-307 Screenshot-308¬†I think that shirt and leather jacket belong to Stiles McGraw. (He used to be Tess’ bestest friend. Until Gunther came along, that is.)Screenshot-309 Screenshot-310 Screenshot-311 Screenshot-313¬†Just a wiew from their lot.Screenshot-314¬†Arcy and Reshi cannot see Alaska from their home, but they can see the Goth Manor, Lone Wolff Manor, August Moon home, Landgraab estate, and Villa Alto, so that’s a start.¬†Screenshot-315 Screenshot-316¬†Reshi reads her promotion books.Screenshot-317 Screenshot-318 Screenshot-319 Screenshot-321¬†So does Arcy – these are either their promotion books or books they just happened to start the game with. What do the “starting books” even depend from?Screenshot-324 Screenshot-325 Screenshot-326 Screenshot-327 Screenshot-328 Screenshot-329¬†Drinking juice yet again.Screenshot-330 Screenshot-331 Screenshot-332 Screenshot-333 Screenshot-334 Screenshot-335 Screenshot-336 Screenshot-337 Screenshot-338¬†Reshi the gold-digger this is why she married Geoffrey\Pellipper. She stole him from the Landgraabs. (Who actually are not that much richer than Geoff’s supposed original family, the Knacks. Both of the families starts out with 750000 simoleons in money. I think Pattina and Geoffrey might canonically be siblings, but i did not put it on the family tree, because this legacy could very well end up in Twinbrook on their 7 generation and Pattina be much younger than Pelliper’s great-great-grandchild. Which is weird. And by that time, the R7 gen might look nothing like Nick.)¬†Screenshot-339 Screenshot-340 Screenshot-341¬†Reshi painting.Screenshot-342 Screenshot-343 Screenshot-344 Screenshot-345 Screenshot-346 Screenshot-347 Screenshot-348 Screenshot-349 Screenshot-350 Screenshot-351 Screenshot-353 Screenshot-354 Screenshot-355 Screenshot-357 Screenshot-358¬†Stiles and Claire… always has a daughter that could or would be perfect or almost-perfect for a Pok√®master heir.Screenshot-360 Screenshot-361 Screenshot-362 Screenshot-363 Screenshot-364 Screenshot-365 Screenshot-366¬†chess.Screenshot-367 Screenshot-368 Screenshot-369 Screenshot-370 Screenshot-371¬†and painting.Screenshot-374¬†And… this is Sandi French, she starts out as a toddler, she might be a bit too old for any Pok√®master heir, but she looks like she might grow up to be a beautiful lady.Screenshot-375¬†Geoffrey\Pelliper is talking to Cornelia…Screenshot-376¬†Ehi! It’s Darmanitan… only he’s a kid and not named Darmanitan yet. He goes by Malcolm Landgraab in this point in time. He still thinks he will stay living in Landgraab Estate forever, be a surgeon, and marry Darlene Bunch, i guess. But at least the first point will not be true. XDScreenshot-377 Screenshot-378 Screenshot-381 Screenshot-383¬†Reshi turning her head from Nancy.¬†Screenshot-384 Screenshot-386 Screenshot-387 Screenshot-388 Screenshot-390 Screenshot-391 Screenshot-392 Screenshot-393¬†And sleeping.Screenshot-395¬†The White Pok√®masters Twins are cute when they sleep and eat together.Screenshot-396 Screenshot-397¬†Mirror for makeovers. Or at least charisma.Screenshot-398 Screenshot-399¬†playing chessScreenshot-400 Screenshot-401 Screenshot-402 Screenshot-403¬†vomiting but not pregnant- yet.Screenshot-404 Screenshot-407¬†Military base again.Screenshot-408¬†Hospital with Geoffrey (AKA Pelliper) in front of it.Screenshot-409 Screenshot-411¬†Some houses, including the Langerak home and the Bunch home.Screenshot-413 Screenshot-414 Screenshot-415 Screenshot-420¬†Reshi gets her final promotion.Screenshot-421¬†Reshi courting Geoffrey.Screenshot-424¬†Cycl0n3 the passerby. It seems that every legacy has at least one picture of him as an elder, or one where he dies of old age. Or that he always seems to die in presence of legacy sims when you’re playing a legacy. I could pick the gravestone up for… future use. He’s one of my fave sims.Screenshot-425 Screenshot-426¬†Reshiram Pok√®masters and Geoffrey¬†Pelliper Knack Landgraab¬†Pok√®masters get married…Screenshot-427 Screenshot-428¬†witnesses are: Thornton Wolff (the guy who only married because it felt right and supposedly has werewolf relatives), Jared Frio (father of Claire’s baby) and Cycl0n3. And i think that smidge of orangish might be Narcissa Vatos’ hair but i might be wrong.Screenshot-429 Screenshot-430 Screenshot-431¬†Dorothy is also here. Dorothy and Narcissa seem to be lesbians for each other sometimes. But other times either one of the two is lesbian for Ayesha. But other times Ayesha is lesbian for her roommates. And yet other times, a Working Friend will be lesbian for Narcissa, one for Dorothy, and the other two will be together. Other times, each one of them WF is lesbian for each of the other three.¬†Screenshot-432 Screenshot-433 Screenshot-434 Screenshot-435 Screenshot-436 Screenshot-437¬†Now they’re Fianc√®’s.Screenshot-438 Screenshot-439 Screenshot-440 Screenshot-441 Screenshot-461 Screenshot-462 Screenshot-463 Screenshot-464 Screenshot-465¬†Geoff-Pellipper meets his new home.Screenshot-466¬†Darmanitan post-teen, but pre-makeover and pre-namechange.Screenshot-467 Screenshot-468 Screenshot-469 Screenshot-470 Screenshot-471 Screenshot-472 Screenshot-473¬†Washing dishes.Screenshot-474 Screenshot-475¬†Husband and wife preparing for their first woohoo.Screenshot-476 Screenshot-477 Screenshot-478 Screenshot-479¬†In the meanwhile Arcy has to sleep in the couch.Screenshot-480 Screenshot-481 Screenshot-482 Screenshot-483¬†Hubby and wife.Screenshot-484 Screenshot-485 Screenshot-486 Screenshot-487¬†The house, it seems i did a good job.Screenshot-488¬†Malcolm i mean Darmanitan wakes up.Screenshot-489 Screenshot-490¬†Sleeping.Screenshot-491 Screenshot-492¬†Darmy eats while Pellipper goes to write a book.Screenshot-493 Screenshot-494 Screenshot-495 Screenshot-496 Screenshot-497 Screenshot-498 Screenshot-499 Screenshot-500¬†Yup, Reshi the golddigger. While Arcy LTW to have 20 friends. But he only has, like 3 or 4 friends right now.Screenshot-501 Screenshot-502 Screenshot-503¬†Family at the table, just without Pelliper. Brother eats, sister reads, and sister’s stepson makes homework.Screenshot-504 Screenshot-505¬†Homework about baseball. O_oScreenshot-506 Screenshot-507¬†And he goes off to eat cereal.Screenshot-508 Screenshot-509 Screenshot-510¬†Reshi cannot go somewhere b\c Pelliper is on the way. I think she was trying to call the maid services. It’s still Kate Pistachio at least for now. (But it does not seem like Kate and Arcy have a great chemistry. Uh, what happens to NPCs once they grow out of their NPC job? I’m guessing they become townies. But if Kate and Arcy will still be friendly when she becomes an elder, i think she might just move into town.)Screenshot-511 Screenshot-512¬†Reshiram: “Pellipper’s bratwurst is THIS big!”Screenshot-513 Screenshot-514¬†Pellipper cooked autumn salad.Screenshot-515 Screenshot-516 Screenshot-517¬†Just a shot of the town, spa, diner, and Business\Journalism towers.Screenshot-518 Screenshot-519¬†They’re going to City hall to change their names officially. Leighton is here too, so is Thornton.Screenshot-520 Screenshot-521 Screenshot-522¬†And Jared Frio who is still in his Diner¬†uniform. Both Emma and Jared works in the Diner, leaving Molly French to be all alone in the Bistr√≤. (But for all we know, Autumn Cusack and Torgo Pendragon actually live in Little Corsican Bistr√≤, hence it has two floors.)¬†¬†Screenshot-523¬†This is just Doo Peas i do not know why i photographed it, prolly i got a popup there about some opprortunity.Screenshot-524 Screenshot-525¬†This is Kate Pistachio, she’s the maid. She shares no traits with Arcy, though.Screenshot-526¬†Reshiram spends a lot of her time on the couch.Screenshot-527¬†Arceus spying on the Altos with the telescope.Screenshot-528¬†An hungry Pelliper watched over by Jared the cook. Who is always in the diner outfit for some reason.Screenshot-529 Screenshot-530 Screenshot-531 Screenshot-532¬†Arceus at the telescope, sometimes he gets wants to learn logic skills even through he’s in the military & has the 20 friends LTW.Screenshot-533 Screenshot-534¬†Husband watches cooking channel while wife reads and maid apparently washesScreenshot-535 Screenshot-536¬†Arcey (i sorta prefer this spelling) watches on the telescope.Screenshot-537 Screenshot-538 Screenshot-539¬†He’s actually spying on his twin sister, not the Altos, or Pelliper’s Landgraab ex-wife. (Even through Arcey and Reshi live together so there is no need to spy on her)Screenshot-540 Screenshot-541¬†Arcey flirtying on Kate who seems to find him disgusting. (There’s still Erin, Lisa, and the Roomies girls.)Screenshot-542 Screenshot-543 Screenshot-544 Screenshot-545 Screenshot-546¬†I check out up on Reshi…Screenshot-547¬†and make Darmanitan fulfill some needs…Screenshot-548¬†Reshi is running to the Landgraab estate¬†to do… something, but apparently nobody’s here. Unless this is just before she pees on Nancy’s porch.Screenshot-549 Screenshot-550 Screenshot-551¬†Yup, it is when she pees on Nancy’s porch.Screenshot-552¬†And then returns home.Screenshot-553¬†She cannot go pee in her own bathroom because her twin brother is flirting with Kate.Screenshot-554 Screenshot-555 Screenshot-556¬†He’s showering. Also turns out he was not actually flirting with her.Screenshot-557¬†But they were insulting each other. One way to see if an Inappropriate sim has chemistry with another sim, is to have him or her kiss another sim, and then see if they’re now “romantic interest”. But Kate & Arcey were not.Screenshot-558 Screenshot-559¬†Arcey paints.Screenshot-560¬†Kate disgusted by Pellipper’s body odor.Screenshot-561¬†Pellipper and his son Darmanitan.Screenshot-562¬†Darmanitan tries to prepare something.Screenshot-563¬†Arcey seems to only eat juice. Well, it’s the same for Reshi… and for most or even all of my TS3 legacy founders EVER. At least Tess Holloway also ate Mac’n’Cheese and Autumn Salad (and the veggie alternatives). And she ate them frequently.Screenshot-564 Screenshot-565¬†Arcey talking to KateScreenshot-566¬†Darmey sleeping… can i call him Darmey? Of course i can, but he could also be mostly Darmanitan. He’s not one of my sims, so…Screenshot-567¬†Arcey goes to clean a plate up.Screenshot-568¬†And lo and behold, Reshi is expecting her first child!Screenshot-569¬†Will it be a boy or a girl? Reshi: If i have a daughter, it would of course be Latias, and a son would be Yveltal. Legendaries YAY! Plus, i do not think i will even get pregnant after that.Screenshot-570¬†Yup, i might do another pregnancy, i might not. The same for Arcey and Togekiss…Screenshot-571¬†Pellipper: Togekiss? Arcey: This is what my wife will be renamed to, silly!Screenshot-572¬†Kate is calling Arcey a jellyfish for peeing there… or something. Twins looking at each other… will Arcey ever get a girl pregnant?Screenshot-573¬†Arcey: Of course! Erin Kennedy is pretty great! But she might be an elder by the time i get to woo her. And there’s also Lisa Bunch but she’s too young. Darlene is even younger than Darmanitan. Judy is too ugly and also married to my best friend\boss, Susan is also married but much prettier even though she’s Judy’s age but she’s a geek and i’m a technophobe so it would not work. Tamara is quite a bit older than i am but seems like an easy catch, Emma might pass on fat genes to my offspring but i’ve heard she’s a great cook, and for Blair, not only she is Susan’s daughter, but she’s also pretty cute. I could imagine the Pok√®masters being related to the Wainwrights in future. Wainwright is the surname of both Susan and Blair, by the way. Boyd comes from the Rilaygraine family, or so i’ve heard. Due to Suziekins being an alpha lady and a semi-important scientist, it was her husband to change his name, similiar to how Pelly (AKA Pellipper) did for both his wifes- Nancy Landgraab his first wife, and then his second wife – my sister, dear Reshi. But i could still imagine a Pok√®master family member with Boyd’s platinum-white hair color. And this’ not counting all the other choices of single lady meat, waiting to be Pok√®mastered. And marrying Nancy would be too squicky, so no. Just… no. (Okay, Arcey, you did your part.)Screenshot-574And let’s close the chapter with a picture of Darmanitan “Darmey” Pok√®masters, sleeping peacefully.

(Will Arceus ever find a wife? Will Reshiram’s firstborn be a boy or a girl? Will i even get through 10 generations? Or at least 5? What did¬†Justine and Claire name their respective babies in the Pok√©masters’ Verse? All of this will be discovered… later.)

Week 1 Recap: https://gaiamixblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/pokemasters-recap-1/