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I started to play The Sims 3 again, but deinstalled it.

Basically, I realized that if I continued to play it, I would’nt like it enough to continue to play it, and I was only logged in it for drug for all of this time.

Anyways, I have berrified names for Sunset Valley sims, too.

Sam Sekemoto – Vinegar Mochisuke

Sandi French – Ratouille Chereque


Mortimer Goth – Fudgeberry Gravedown

Bella Bachelor – Scarlatta Teacove

Darlene Bunch – Sprigtick Roulette

Arlo Bunch – Lemoncream Roulette

Malcolm Landgraab – Llamaberry Berryaaten

Kaylinn Langerak – Brush Neatly

Miraj Alvi – Miragecurry Potpourri


Lisa Bunch – Chat Roulette

Michael Bachelor – Ginger Teacove

VJ Alvi – VJ Poutpourri

Ethan Bunch – Sky Roulette

Parker Langerak – Spork Neatly

River McIrish – River Kellysweet

Holly Alto – Oliva Toppini

Bebe Hart – Bebefruit Krazyhartz


Christopher Steel – Fishlips Springflavor

Blair Wainwright – Bunnycakes Pixleberry

Connor Frio – Ice Coolberry

Madison VanWatson – Unicornia Berryville

Cycl0n3 Sw0rd (Shinji Midden) – Cycl0n3 Sw0rd (Jump Appleramen)

Leighton Sekemoto – Oil Mochisuke

Ayesha Ansari – Turkey Brick

Monika Morris – Pollypop Juicepunch

Hank Goddard – Snazzy Muscles

Pauline Wan – Florana Sprightly

Tori Kimura – Miso Kimchi

Emma Hatch – Eggy Hatch

Morgana Wolff – Croulette Lupineberry

Justine Keaton – Jadehot Sweetfooter

Jared Frio – Fire Coolberry

Marty Keaton – Upstrong Sweetfooter

Tamara Donner – Redspice Hotspot

Thornton Wolff – Clawthorn Lupineberry

Agnes Crumplebottom – Deathwish Crumplecake

Jamie Jolina – Tarty Teacup

Xander Clavell – Moochdish Orphanberry

Zelda Mae – Zelda Legend

Stiles McGraw – Windblow McPlain


Beau Andrews – Jockland Blueberry

Iliana Langerak – Hibiscus Neatly

Victoria Andrews – Drapelife Blueberry

Dustin Langerak – Plop Neatly

Dorie Hart – Sillyfilly Krazyhartz

Geoffrey Landgraab – Limepill Berryaaten

Gobias Koffi – Funky Coffeegaze

Nancy Landgraab – Crepétta Berryaaten

Claire Ursine – Salmonella Ursine

Nick Alto – Potere Toppini

Vita Alto – Liqueur Toppini

Jocasta Bachelor – Fishdisa Teacove

Molly French – Matisse Chereque

Gus Hart – Surfybeard Krazyhartz

Simis Bachelor – Simsberry Teacove

Fiona McIrish – Pumpkin Kellysweet

Judy Bunch – Orangeena Roulette

Susan Wainwright – Applematron Pixleberry

Boyd Wainwright – Palefizz Pixleberry

Erin Kennedy – Militant Scramble

Jack Bunch – Scramblesprout Roulette

Cornelia Goth – Powderella Gravedown

Iqbal Alvi – Kale Poutpourri

Gunther Goth – Zero Gravedown


Yumi Sekemoto – Purin Mochisuke

Bessie Clavell – Farley Orphanberry

Buster Clavell – Buster Orphanberry


Maybe they’re more “names if the writers of the game’s plot did’nt took a realistic spin to sim names” than strictly berrified ones, but.


Premade Sims, Sunset Valley, TS3, Wainwright Family, Wainwright Shenanigans

The girls have grown up!

This is teenage Skyler, still as retro as ever, with a newly-found “Savvy Seller” trait. Behind her it’s Boinky, aunty Bebe, Madison VanWatson, Bonehilda, Boyd, Susan, BJ, and Jamie Jolina far to the right.

And this is teenage Boinky, still as girly as ever, but with a somewhat next-doory hair about herself. She aged up with the Angler trait. BJ, Madison, Blair, Sunny Bakshi, and Bonehilda are there, too.

And yes, this makes Evil\Loner\Genius\Savvy Seller for Sky, and Ambitious\Clumsy\Loser\Angler for Boinky.

Premade Sims, Sunset Valley, TS3, Wainwright Family, Wainwright Shenanigans

Wainwright Shenanigans part 3

Skyler has the LTW to have 20 minor pets, so I make her go places a lot. Here she’s going to the place with the glowing eyes cave thing.

See, the cave has eyes. They’re propably just an automobile or mining carriage or artificial light, rather than a biological being. But since this is The Sims 3 we’re talking about, it’s propably the eyes of some Rock or Earth semideity- or possibly a monster from the Medieval era.

Skyler also won a Sunstone at one of these Opportunities where you search 3 gems and 3 metals and have to send them to the science facility.

Boinky as an human, acting as a queen of the chair. Or something.

Skyler somehow managed to enter her bunk bed from the wall side.

Boinky’s IF and human (casual clothes) form.

They bought a Bonehilda and here’s Boyd running from it. Soon he will die of old age anyway, and even if he does not, he can just sleep in a sleeping bag.

Boinky taking the potion.

And here she’s turning into a real human girl!

Boyd gave some harvestables to Agnes for an opportunity to become a Celebrity. Auntie Bebe and BJ also happened to be there. Bebe’s a paparazzi now.

What’s a Wainwright without star pajamas ;D

I made the girls enroll in school manually.

An heartwarming picture of Skyler…

And if you haven’t realized it yet, I changed Skyler and Boyd’s skintones to be even paler.

(And Boinky has an “asian skintone” which is custom, too.)

They also went to a formal party at the Landgraabs. Here’s the household’s 3 girls.

And here’s Boyd, as well as Michael Bachelor who is a fairy.

Sleeping together awww!

Nancy’s a vampire while Geoffrey (hi Pelliper Pokemaster!) still an human. “Vee”‘s vs “Zee”‘s.

The world can never have too many pictures of Skyler.

At one point Skyler even had a rodent which the game named Winter.

A family photo they got at the festival.

Boyd painted his face.

The girls played horseshoes.

Boinky and Sunny Bakshi danced together and Sunny became Spring Dance Queen.

Boyd also wanted to paint.

He was also invited at one of Zelda Mae’s parties once.

Skyler playing with Winter. Then, Winter escaped.

Boinky also wanted to met and befriend a werewolf. She bumped up into Madison VanWatson. (And then she wanted to buy a lycantrope potion.)

They were gossiping about Kaylinn Langerak being an alien.

And this is the last picture I have.

And if Geoffrey “Pelliper Pokémaster” Landgraab was’nt enough, Togekiss… I mean Erin Kennedy, just had to cameo, too.