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I deinstalled Sims 3 one “last” time.

Yeah I know, I always do that, but. I always have to mount ITF when I play sims 3, and Daemon trials only work for one or two weeks and then disappear and I have to pay for the full version. So I guess I won’t play it for a while. I may still hang out in the premade sims fandom, though.

The only reason I will ever install sims 3 again, is if I get into the premade sims fandom again, and even then only for shooting.


2 thoughts on “I deinstalled Sims 3 one “last” time.

  1. Having trials run out would be annoying. Too bad you had to uninstall it, but if it’s not playable, no sense in keeping it around. Glad to hear you’re at least going to still be interested in premade sim stuff, though!

    • I’m partly famous for being in the Doctor Who Internet Fandom without watching the actual show, so I guess I could follow Brilliant Minds without actually playing TS3.

      Also, I had a Brilliant Minds-related dream this night. It involved a family reunion involving some babies\toddlers being babysat by Susan and Boyd, a young male sim that looked like the son your Wainwrights had in that TBT, Cycl0n3 meeting his brother (that was apparently somewhat based on a cross between Genji Shimada and Eridan Ampora) and they were talking about what they were doing, specifically, Cycl0n3 went to an alternate version of Lucky Palms (in an universe without pop-culture stuff) and sang there (or at least made some sort of show there) and became very popular in that AU version of Lucky Palms because that Lucky Palms was in an universe where sims did’nt have much of popculture.

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