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Returning to TS3

I’ve been returning to TS3 nowadays, even downloading new mods and stuff. I will propably deinstall TS4, too. I’m currently playing a lovely Dryad in Hidden Springs named Deena Floverwiew, while the Kaplans (makeovered\renamed Wainwrights) do NRAAS SP stuff in the background. There are some other NRAAS mods in the background, too. There are some townie sims that should be ghosts, due to having had Traveller Mod, which I will now use almost exclusively for honeymoon type stuff (Including Deena’s honeymoon w\ Jesse Pena), and quick trips to Oasis Landing.

Basically, I and Tracy Cheeezey (first name basis YAY!) tried to see what would happen with NRAAS SP if the Wainwright’s started off as childless right-off-the-bat Young Adults. And thus I turned them into the Kaplans and sent them in Riverwiew.


Anyway, I’m not known as “Kaiko Mikkusu” anymore. Well, same pronunciation, but a different, artsy spelling. It’s “Kyko Micsu” now. A somewhat Fandomy\Vocaloid-y feeling to it.


2 thoughts on “Returning to TS3

  1. Turning ghosts into townies was one of the main reasons I don’t use the traveler mod. It bugged me and I couldn’t figure out how to get it to not do that and leave them as the ghosts they’re supposed to be.

    • Perhaps it only does that with the sims that start out as ghosts and have tombstones in the graveyards, not the sims that were alive and died on NRAAS SP (or by you and your sims’ hands). I don’t know if the sims in Deena’s Riverwiew will stay alive or be ghosts again? You’d think that at least the ones after Supernatural would have the ghost hidden trait and stay ghosts.

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