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TS3 nostalgy.

I’m writing from our summer home in Campofelice di Roccella, so I can’t install The Sims right now, but I’ve got at least a bit of nostalgy for it, that now I’ve lost my sims obsession. And I have a Susan Bronte\Wainwright edit in my dextop theme right now, that use to be a quite old simming photo of mine as far as I can tell. (Before that I had Angela “Mercy” Ziegler, and even before that, Nyssa of Traken) Sims edit are pretty much my newfound hobby right now.

So maybe, not all is lost, although I did’nt manage to make TS3 work the first time around. I’m still myself, now just less obsessed and more lucid about the world that surrounds me. And may I make another, better simming edit with Photoshop someday… maybe a palette thing?


EDIT 25 September 2016: Well, I’ve installed TS4, and I’ve played it a bit, but very casually. I still prefer TS3, though. And mostly have TS3 or Pokémon related dreams, it seems. I last played it this 16 September, but who knows if I will ever get back to it? I don’t really want to. And I have some redesigns of the Gen V starters on my dextop theme right now, not that it matters.


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