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Wainwright Shenanigans part 3

Skyler has the LTW to have 20 minor pets, so I make her go places a lot. Here she’s going to the place with the glowing eyes cave thing.

See, the cave has eyes. They’re propably just an automobile or mining carriage or artificial light, rather than a biological being. But since this is The Sims 3 we’re talking about, it’s propably the eyes of some Rock or Earth semideity- or possibly a monster from the Medieval era.

Skyler also won a Sunstone at one of these Opportunities where you search 3 gems and 3 metals and have to send them to the science facility.

Boinky as an human, acting as a queen of the chair. Or something.

Skyler somehow managed to enter her bunk bed from the wall side.

Boinky’s IF and human (casual clothes) form.

They bought a Bonehilda and here’s Boyd running from it. Soon he will die of old age anyway, and even if he does not, he can just sleep in a sleeping bag.

Boinky taking the potion.

And here she’s turning into a real human girl!

Boyd gave some harvestables to Agnes for an opportunity to become a Celebrity. Auntie Bebe and BJ also happened to be there. Bebe’s a paparazzi now.

What’s a Wainwright without star pajamas ;D

I made the girls enroll in school manually.

An heartwarming picture of Skyler…

And if you haven’t realized it yet, I changed Skyler and Boyd’s skintones to be even paler.

(And Boinky has an “asian skintone” which is custom, too.)

They also went to a formal party at the Landgraabs. Here’s the household’s 3 girls.

And here’s Boyd, as well as Michael Bachelor who is a fairy.

Sleeping together awww!

Nancy’s a vampire while Geoffrey (hi Pelliper Pokemaster!) still an human. “Vee”‘s vs “Zee”‘s.

The world can never have too many pictures of Skyler.

At one point Skyler even had a rodent which the game named Winter.

A family photo they got at the festival.

Boyd painted his face.

The girls played horseshoes.

Boinky and Sunny Bakshi danced together and Sunny became Spring Dance Queen.

Boyd also wanted to paint.

He was also invited at one of Zelda Mae’s parties once.

Skyler playing with Winter. Then, Winter escaped.

Boinky also wanted to met and befriend a werewolf. She bumped up into Madison VanWatson. (And then she wanted to buy a lycantrope potion.)

They were gossiping about Kaylinn Langerak being an alien.

And this is the last picture I have.

And if Geoffrey “Pelliper Pokémaster” Landgraab was’nt enough, Togekiss… I mean Erin Kennedy, just had to cameo, too.


2 thoughts on “Wainwright Shenanigans part 3

  1. Ah yes, neurotic sims *love* Bonehilda. I thought it was funny when I was playing a neurotic witch, and she wished for a Bonehilda, so I bought it and then she freaked out every time Boney came out to clean. I ended up selling the Bonehilda coffin.

    Another time, I was playing a sim (another witch) who married Connor Frio (a fairy in that game, and Jared had turned vampire) and moved in with the Frio brothers. Jared had a wish to throw a party and Boyd showed up. He had also changed into a fairy. As it wound down, I let Bonehilda out to clean, and Boyd flipped out and ran onto the deck. Every time he tried to leave the party, he’d go back into the main room on the upper floor of the Frios’ house, see Bonehilda, and run screaming back out onto the deck. He was stuck there until like 2 AM, when Bonehilda was finally done cleaning and out of his sight.

    It was amusing seeing Madison as a werewolf. I don’t think I ever saw that before I started routinely turning off the random occult spreading among the townies. The kids in your game are cute, and Boyd looks interesting with freckles.

    • 1: IIRC Susan was the one to wish for the Bonehilda Coffin.

      2: I don’t remember Madison as a werewolf in other gamefiles, either. Many times my sims did’nt even see or met her.

      3: Yeah, I may give freckles to various Sunsetters if I get to makeover them. Maybe some sims would have freckles in their skintones, included but not limited to Boyd and Blair.

      BTW my plan for Sky and Boinky is to play them in the SV of their “homesave” (werewolf Madison, Bebe and Blair having biological triplets together named Linnaea Simo and Alex, et al) until they turn YA, then I will save the two to the family bin, and export them in the town of the 1st and 2nd gen of my next legacy-ish thing, which will have rolled towns.

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