Wainwrights Shenanigans


Boyd and Susan adopted a son named BJ, because Boyd wanted a third kid and Susan did not. When he was sort-of midway into child, he was sold\fosteres (for 1000 simoleons) by Gus and Dorie – the parents of Bebe Hart (who was renting Blair’s old room for a while, when BJ was a kid and Skyler a toddler) – So, here’s BJ as a teenager, slow dancing with Jamie Jolina.

Skyler as child ndkansdkansdajsndka

This is Skyler as a child right after choosing her outfit. Yes I’m uploading the images on IMGUR now.

Skyler as child ndkansdkansdajsndka

Here, Boinky is turning into a semi-imaginary doll-friend. Also, Boinky is apparently a girl. (Though she’s a bit girlier than Skyler. Clumsy\Loser\Ambitious and loves Pink\Pop\somefood while Sky loves Black\Rockabilly\Grilled Cheese and is Genius\Loner\Evil)

Skyler as child ndkansdkansdajsndka

Maybe you cannot see it very well, but I gave Skyler some dark eyeliner, as well as a 50’s-ish gothy-ish dress sense. Though she’s also a bit modern (she’s a Wainwright) and rebellious, her clothing\hair\makeup troughtout the lifestages will be anachronistically vintage (yet slightly zeerusty) in a 1950’s-ish way. Okay, her parents and sister’s styles of clothing are also as such, but moreso for the 80’s or 90’s. When she’s a teen and\or YA, perhaps I’ll know more of the style directions to give her.


4 thoughts on “Wainwrights Shenanigans

    • I thought that too. BTW, has the starting order (top to bottom) of traits have anything to do with when they grew up with said trait? Because when Skyler gained Evil, she got it to the top of her toddler traits. Maybe it has more to do with the trait’s prevalence in the Sim’s personality than when they gained them. (But I still somewhat headcanon Blair being born with the Loner and Genius traits)

      And for being an “evil younger twin to Blair”… well, I don’t know what their relationship will be like at all, they might be best friends or worst enemies. Also, I can’t really see Sky being childish or an hopeless romantic. And aren’t Unstable and Bot Fan the most likely to appear with them being the last traits to be introduced? (At least I keep seeing people aging up in outfits from ITF EP.)

      My sixth sense thinks that she will have an EP trait (Rebellious? Brooding?) and so would Boinky, keeping them from being “traitclones” of Premade sims.

      I don’t think there are two sims in SV that share EXACTLY the same traits, right? (including townies, dead sims, etc.) There’s the O’Shea twins of DV (Ambitious\Athletic\Brave\Charismatic\Handy), the Best Friends Forever household girls of SS (Flirty\Absent Minded\Social Butterfly\Party Animal\Excitable) the Riverwiew Don Lothario with the Barnacle Bay Dina Caliente (Charismatic\Commitment Issues\Flirty\Hot-Headed\Schmoozer), DV Mary Moloney with MV Arona Bhatt (Excitable\Daredevil\Heavy Sleeper\Flirty\Brave), and moving on to teens and younger (IE people with less than 5 traits) there’s MacDuff children 1 and 4, Jules and Felicity of Moonlight Falls (Brave\Inappropriate\Hydrophobic) along with the various sets of toddlers who would have the same traits because toddlers only have two traits (Excitable\Slob is a popular one. SV Sandi French, TB Pansy Prudence, and MF Gator Wolff.)

      Nobody else, I think…

      Usually if two sims in a town share traits (unless they’re suppose to have all the same traits like the O’Sheas and Best Friends Forever’s) they share one to three traits. Rarely they share four. (Usually the ones who share four traits are in completely different towns!)

      No premades have the Clumsy, Loser, and Ambitious traits together, so Boinky would never be a traitclone of someone pre-existing. She could come close, tho.

      If Skyler rolled Frugal and Hates the Outdoors, tho, she would be a traitclone of Beau Merrick from BP. (Which IIRC you only played once or twice?)

      Once I play the savefile again and age the girls up to Teen, I’ll post there again.

      • Since childish and hopeless romantic can only be acquired at teen or later, Blair would’ve had to get those on her teen and YA birthdays, although there’s no way to know what order. Her other 3 traits are all available at birth. I would imagine her being born with good and genius, and developing loner as a child when she was presumably spending a lot of time alone, playing with her toys by herself, without any siblings and with her parents always busy doing their own thing.

        The younger evil twin thing was just me joking around, because the traits are shared except for evil where Blair is good.

        I don’t think there’s any significance to the order they appear on the panels. At least, I never looked at them that way. I’m pretty sure they load up in a random order in each save. I checked two saves that both originated from the same base file, and the sims’ traits order changed depending on which save it was. Only the later-acquired traits, like the ones from completing university or social group influence, were on top. Same with traits pets acquire through training.

      • Yeah, in normal gameplay and assuming that she was normally born and that she did’nt get the “midlife crisis” LTR. (And that “traits” always existed in the ‘verse and worked the TS3 way instead of the TS4 one or the TSM or TS5 one or whatever.) And yes, there’s no way to know what sim got each trait and when. Technically the world never existed until me or you or someone opens the neighborhood and plays a family. Hence nobody having memories of the past (Lolita\Erik dying, Blair aging up and moving out, the Keatons or Andrews or whoever dating and then marrying, the births of the Langeraks and Bunch children… nobody remembers that even those who would.) , all relationships happened for “0 simdays”, there are no EAmade storytelling photos (like the TS2 ones where you saw the TS2 sims growing up, marrying, the dead sims dying…) , and ALL ‘HOODS start up as “Week 1 Day 1” which is also the day the Weather Stone pops out of some community lot and the Llama gives you the uni freebies and Emit Relevart gives you the Time Portal and sims start turning into various Supernaturals et al. So I think the TS3 premades never were any younger than they start out. Well unless I decide to give them headcanon stories, but this is basically playing premade wishacy for the sake of playing premade wishacy. And for the sake of that, Blair never was any younger than Day 1 YA. If this had an actual story to build upon (which it does’nt) then Blair could have been completely different as a child but then was hit by a lightning bolt which was actually a radioactive Y-ray from a planet populated by steampunk catgirls, and Blair has a dormant steampunk catgirl gene which is awaking right now and she has to become a superheroine along with four other girls which may or may not also be premades from other TS3 towns, and Bebe is actually a Time Lord who used psychic paper to make people believe she was Gus and Dorie’s kid, and she came to help the catgirls superheroines save the world from time-enchanted Vulcan-Yoda-Dalek-Cyberman-Mudkip hybrids all named Bob, and that she’s secretly BJ’s biological mother as well as SSL Bebe Hua in a diff. regeneration, and that Susan is also another Time Lord and the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan Foreman of the early episodes, as well as Bebe’s multi-regenerational girlfriend\wife\BBF\companion\frienemy\rival\grilled cheese eating competitor, and that both of ’em were catgirls once in a regeneration and even loomed triplets named Huey, Dewey and Louie once upon a time, and these triplet were somehow half catperson half duck and half Power Skittle Ranger, and that Bebe’s current girlfriend Cora Francisco is actually a later incarnation of Susan, and that Boyd Wainwright is actually a TARDIS turned into a baby and sent to the future by a spell of Lady Ravendancer Goth, and thus his name is’nt really Boyd Wainwright, but Boydwainwright was the full name of one of the first Gallifreyans that TARDIS belonged to but that gallifreyan lost his regenerations and became a spirit forever haunting the steampunk catgirl planet, and that thus both Blair and Skyler were born half-Timelord and half-TARDIS, but now Blair is also half-catgirl, and due to radiations in Susan’s womb from eating an haunted flame-fruit in the middle of winter, Skyler is now the Avatar and can bend fire and air as well as water and earth, and is subconsciously trained in her dreams by a pegacorn named Ulysses Raymond Zegad Pegasus Nyx Maximillion Yu-Gi-Oh to use her Avatar Powers to conquer the world along with her henshin transformation into Sailor Skyler, and that Ulysses the pegacorn was also the enchanter of Boinky and its creator along with the Lotso family, and that Boinky is’nt really imaginary but is 50% genie, 50% minor god, 50% eldritch abomination, 50% fae, 50% TARDIS, and 50% Pegacorn, and that about half of everyone else in Sunset Valley are the time-loop TARDIS-conceived children and grandchildren of Xion and Azula, while about the other half are Dittos pretending to be humans, and that the whole of Sunset Valley is actually a TARDIS inside a Pokéball inside another TARDIS inside another Pokéball inside another TARDIS inside another Pokéball inside another TARDIS inside another Pokéball inside another TARDIS inside another Pokéball inside a croc belonging to an actor named Colin Baker who due to Susan\Cora Foreman\Bronte\Wainwright\Francisco and Bebe Hart\Hua going back into the past to help defeat the Vulcan-Yoda-Dalek-Cyberman-Mudkip hybrids with the help of the half catperson half duck and half Power Skittle Ranger triplets named Hewey Dewey and Louie (as well as a bag of jelly babies, a robot dog, and a badass metal rocker\martial artist from the year 5000 named Pip-Kit Silli-Fo-Filli) is now ALSO the son of Xion and Azula, who also are actually enhanced Dittos who grew up and were locked as humanoids. And then Hewey, Dewey, and Louie graduate the Time Lord Academy, end up living in Amanda Mere’s duck pond pretending they’re the nephews of a rock they call Donald, and fucking time so much that now Melany Mere was Amanda’s mother instead of viceversa, and then Emit Relevart and Martin McFleet use the Wainwright’s old Wornado Triage to bring the triplets back into the past, where they found a band named “The Cocteau Time Triplet Duck Fictional Characters Who Could Be Canada Twins Smith” which then turns out to be the full name of an ectobiological kid of Susan, Bebe, Xion, Azula, Gary Oak’s left hand, and a Smugleaf, (only Smith is the surname) then The Cocteau Time Triplet Duck Fictional Characters Who Could Be Canada Twins becomes the Lord High President of Gallifreyan Memes and thus the first person to ever invent Memes even before Richard Dawkins was born, then The Cocteau Time Triplet Duck Fictional Characters Who Could Be Canada Twins actually helps Richard Dawkins being born and also helps him getting married to Lalla Ward after her divorce to Tom Baker, then invents Doctor Who AND TVTropes, and goes in the 2060’s to play the 24th Doctor and thus breaking the fourth wall making nothing make sense and Jamie Jolina up there has to change her name to 42 (both name and surname so actually 42 42) to make the world have any sense again, and then it turns out that was all a dream. Which was dreamt up by Boyd who then wakes up, freaks out, and then realizes he and Susan are still YA and Blair still a kid and everything is normal.

        But this story does’nt happen. Because it’s the sim’s wishes and free will – and chance – that make the story.

        I can’t help myself not playing wishacy, it just happens. Even when I make a sim, they would have no story behind “so and so crashed up in Sunset Valley\Riverwiew\Twinbrook\Moonlight Falls\Lunar Lakes\InsertTownNameHere to fulfill LTW, find romance, and become rich, and maybe also struggle with raising a toddler foundling or pet” Okay, sometimes they’re also a legacy founder, Time Lord, alien, berry sweet, witch, whatever have you. But I just cannot make my sims (or the Premades) do something that’s not the wishes or aspirations\career skills. I don’t kill sims or divorce them or marry them off or whatever unless there’s a wish to. Or if they’re legacy people and have to get married anyway.

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