The Wainwrights of Sunset Valley (Take 2 Part 0???)

The first time I played these guys, I’ve deaged them and blocked their age with Youth Potions, but now I’ve decided to keep them old and make them die of old age. So yeah.

This is Susan Wainwright, as we know (and sometimes love) her.

Susan Wainwright (neé Bronte)

Boyd Wainwright.

Boyd Wainwright.

Yeah I mean these guys.


Susan & Boyd: *messagging Gobias Koffi*

Kaiko: What are you up to?

S&B: Uh, a Watcher? Who are you?

Kaiko: My name is Kaiko Espurr Mikkusu.

S&B: This name seems familiar… Have we known you before?

Kaiko: Yes but in a long-gone past life. So onwards.



As here you can see, Boyd is starting a garden.


And Susan was repairing objects.


And also trying to gain logic.


And Boyd was fishing in Pondilicious i mean Pondcentric


I also bought a science machine.


Here they’re in the bathroom and Boyd’s thinking about fish. I have a lot of screenshots that are just there to be derpy.


And photos of them sleeping together (who said they were a loveless couple?)



Or just them in their underwear. Underwear is good too. XP


Boyd went to the beach to fish. I don’t think he got a goldfish but he got a lot of other stuff.


Boyd also took to gaming in Blair’s supposed ex-bedroom.



They ordered a pizza.


They even bought an hot tub once, but then I sold it and they will have the hottub again the next sim-summer!


They had a summer party in which they invited Gunther Goth (among other people)


Oh, and Boyd got a tan during that.


It was also the day of full moon, too.


Susan somehow seems like she got paler?


And Boyd kept the tan. You’d think he’d freckle at least, if not sunburn, but tan like that 😕 But sim biology is odd like this.

(I’ve always imagined Boyd should be paler than he is in the game. Same for Morgana Wolff and the Goth Trio and various other sims with the lightest skin.)


Boyd tried to chat up his daughter and fulfill some wishes, too.


A pillow-fight may have been one of those wishes.

And basically, I have a SHITLOAD TOO MANY other pics, so long story short: as of now that I’ve saved the game, Susan and Boyd are elders in a trip to France, they have a 2nd daughter named Skyler, who has an imaginary friend named Boinky, and Bebe Hart is currently living to them as a paying roommate (and babysitter to Skyler). IIRC the Wainwrights met her when she crashed their feast party.



NOW I’ll post WAY LESS PICS i PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or at least learn to…)


2 thoughts on “The Wainwrights of Sunset Valley (Take 2 Part 0???)

  1. I thought the same thing the first time I saw Boyd get a tan. It doesn’t look right because most people with a complexion that fair would go straight to a sunburn. As for Susan, that looks to me less like she got paler, but rather that the weird bluish glow from the full moon visually washed out the brown tone in her skin.

    • Yeah. I actually think Boyd’s untanned complexion should be paler than it is, too. While Susan has the skin of a naturally swarthy Southern European (or Middle Eastern or Asian) person, Boyd has the skin of… an average british person. I think platinum blonds should be either SUPER-pale or dark-skinned enough to be contrasting. (I also think both he and Blair should be freckly.)

      And yeah, her hair also looks more oranger\yellower than usual. A green like that means the red-orange “spectrum” gets washed out. And you know that’s the same as Susan’s color scheme, right? While Boyd gets teals and blues all the way. Skyler would too, if she had the same color scheme. She’s just a baby, once she’s a toddler I could put her in CAS. (her high chair and crib are in the Boyd-colorscheme, though.)

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