Pokèmasters RELOADED!

Screenshot-332 Hi! We’re the Pokèmasters, missed us? I did not feel like continuing the legacy before, but now i got my mojo back! So let’s start. It’s Arceus, Reshiram, Togekiss, Pellipper, Darmanitan, Yveltal, and Latias- all YA’s except Darmey who is Teen and the Red Cousins who are kids. Darmey and Latias are full siblings now, because you cannot make full siblings in CAS. So yeah, there are now two Togekiss\Erin’s, two Pellipper\Geoffrey’s, and two Darmanitan\Malcolm’s.Screenshot-333 Latias: What is this sentation i’m tingling?

Screenshot-334 Yes, Latias is growing up, ready, set go! Daddy and… aunt-in-law? are cheering upon her.Screenshot-335 Screenshot-336 This is Teen!Latias. She looks a lot like the female version of Pellipper. She might not be what you’d call a beauty, but still…Screenshot-337 Yveltal also grows up.Screenshot-338 Cheered by her older cousin.Screenshot-339 Yveltal: YAY!Screenshot-340 Sparkles!Screenshot-341 Screenshot-342 Teen!Yveltal! You’d never guess THAT was the daughter of a makeovered Erin Kennedy, right? She’s basically Reshiram but with Erin’s chin and eyecolor. Considering that Reshiram is the twin sister of Yveltal’s dad…Screenshot-343 Latias: YAY! We’re both teens now!Screenshot-344 Latias: Whu?Screenshot-345 And yes. Latias Pokèmasters, daughter of Reshiram Pokèmasters and Pellipper\Geoffrey Knack, and halfsister of Darmanitan\Malcolm Landgraab, is now a full-blown YOUNG ADULT!Screenshot-346 She’s cute, and in her own way. Darmey looks like he’s saying “Yay that’s my sis! But now she is my older sister while before she was my younger?” But i’m not that much of a realist, you see.Screenshot-347 Yes, Yveltal is aging up too. Darmey would be Yveltal’s stepcousin. But now he’s just cousin. (Why cannot you make halfsiblings in CAS?)Screenshot-348 Yvey ages up in a weird mohawk. And athletic-y clothes. And yes, that’s Skip Javeed there. He’s a cutie. If you wanted to know what happens to the service NPCs when they age up, they just become regular homeless townies. They still have their hidden traits for being ex-NPC’s. I want to befriend him and Cora in another savefile so they can move in my household once they turn YA. You would need a mod to make them move in as teens.Screenshot-349 Yveltal is cheered by her cousin and parents…Screenshot-350 Along with the rest of her family.Screenshot-351 And she becomes…Screenshot-352 this wonderful lady! Darmy: So THIS is my stepcousin? Yvy: Just cousin there.Screenshot-353 Even Togekiss is excited she does not have to live here anymore. And that she can have a BEAUTIFUL daughter.Screenshot-354 But there’s a need of makeovers…Screenshot-355 Latias comes first.Screenshot-356 And then Yveltal.Screenshot-357 Post-Makeover Yveltal. Screenshot-358 Post-Makeover Latias.Screenshot-359 Togekiss: So Pellipper, now we go, right? Time to make time for Orange gen. I’ve got a contact that should marry my daughter. Pellipper: What contact?Screenshot-360 Togekiss: Let’s just say he starts as an Young Adult, works in the Criminal Career, he starts up as an only child living with his parents, and his paternal grandparents both died in the same lifestage and in the same way. Pellipper: Wha, you mean Xander Clavell? must be.Screenshot-361 Arceus: My daughter… marrying Xander… okay. Let’s go to faraway lands now!Screenshot-362 Bye-bye White gen!Screenshot-363 Hi Darmey!Screenshot-364 He looks the same as previous Darmey but thinner. Uh, and now you realize he’s not familiarly connected to Nancy anymore. But whatever. He’s still a cutie. Even though i think (out of the SVite guys that starts out as kids) that Morty ages better.Screenshot-365 Latias: So, this is my brother but originally was my half-brother and is actually suppose to be a Landgraab but now it is not anymore and now he’s my full brother? Yveltal: Technically he was never a Landgraab to begin with. He was made standalone in CAS, not by mixing the genetics of his parents. But whatever. Screenshot-366 Latias: Stop breaking the fourth wall, gal!Screenshot-367 Yveltal: I do what i like!Screenshot-368 Yveltal: The house is arriving soon!Screenshot-369 The red house.Screenshot-370 Bedroom. Darmanitan’s, Latias’, and Yveltal’s.Screenshot-371 Red gen kids.Screenshot-372 SV is still here but that’s technically a diff. SV. Yes, this means that there are two Erin\Togekiss, two Geoffrey\Pellipper, and two Malcolm\Darmanitan. But whatever. Screenshot-373 Screenshot-374 Latias becomes a professional investigator. Screenshot-375 Screenshot-376 Screenshot-377 Screenshot-378 Screenshot-379 Professional investigator costume. Apparently, Nancy “Use to be Darmey’s biological mother” Landgraab has been hacking into library files or somesuch. At least according to Iqbal “I’m Miraj and VJ’s father and not only you wanted my firstborn son to marry into the Red gen but my secondborn son was dating that Lisa Bunch girl who was apparently Arceus’ second choice of spouse” Alvi. (Spoiler: She did hack into the library files. But Landgraabs can afford that.)Screenshot-380 Screenshot-381 Screenshot-382 Screenshot-383 Screenshot-384 Screenshot-385 Screenshot-386 Screenshot-387 Screenshot-388 In the meanwhile i send Yveltal up to Victor’s Abode to chat Xander up.Screenshot-389 Screenshot-390 Screenshot-391 Screenshot-392 Screenshot-393 Screenshot-394 Screenshot-395 Screenshot-396 Screenshot-397 Yveltal and Xander. Soon to be “Pansear Pokèmasters” because why not?Screenshot-398 Screenshot-399 Screenshot-400 Screenshot-401 Screenshot-402 Screenshot-403 Screenshot-404 Screenshot-405 Screenshot-406 Screenshot-407 Screenshot-408 Screenshot-409 Screenshot-410 Screenshot-411 Screenshot-412 Screenshot-413 Screenshot-414 Screenshot-415 Screenshot-416 Screenshot-417 Screenshot-418 Screenshot-419 Screenshot-420 Screenshot-421 Screenshot-422 Screenshot-423 Screenshot-424 Screenshot-425 Screenshot-426 Screenshot-427 Screenshot-428 Screenshot-429 Screenshot-430 Screenshot-431 Screenshot-432 Screenshot-433 Screenshot-434 Screenshot-435 Screenshot-436 Screenshot-437 Screenshot-438 This is Yveltal going to sleep. She looks NOTHING like Togey\Erin in this shot.Screenshot-439We end this with a picture of a light-blond woman in orange argyle chlothes kissing a redhead man in blue clothes who are apparently somewhat made of metal, in front of the fountain of the science lab? This is actually Blair Wainwright (supposedly in Susan’s prom clothes) and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd (in Boyd’s prom clothes). These clothes (and presumably orange\green in general) suit Blair’s appearance pretty well. (In pink she’s cute, but in orange she’s hot. I’m going to give Pokèmasterverse Blair a makeover too. Prolly when i marry Boyd in.)


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