The Pokèmasters Rainbowcy (my all-new legacy!)

Yep, it’s a new legacy. I’m playing normal lifespan (but with babies aged right away and toddlers aged once they’ve learned all 3 toddler skills) and they start out in the big lot next to the Altos and Landgraabs – 15 SummerHill Court AKA Pokèmasters’ manor. And everyone will be named after Pokèmon corrisponding to the colors.


Gen 1= White: Reshiram & Pellipper Pokèmasters \ Arceus & Togekiss Pokèmasters

Gen 2= Red: Latias Pokèmaster, Darmanitan Pokèmasters (stepson) \ Yveltal Pokèmaster

Gen 3= Orange: ???

Gen 4= Yellow: ???

Gen 5= Green:

Gen 6= Cyan:

Gen 7= Blue:

Gen 8= Violet:

Gen 9= Purple:

Gen 10= Black:


My simself also lives there, in Pre-fabulous, but everyone else there, is Premades and NPCs. I already married in a Pre-made at the time i wrote that (start guessing who “Pelliper” actually is?) but marrying NPCs in brings life to new Puddingfaces which i do not want.

So, let’s start the journey of the POKEMON MASTERS!: https://gaiamixblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/20/pokemasters-week-1/


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